Privacy Policy

This Use Policy can change without notice, and as it stands today, it reflects our current business practices. It was updated on April 14, 2023.


“Personal Information” is data about a person that distinguishes them from others, including their name, home address, social security number, and phone number, among other identifiers. Domain names or Internet Protocol addresses are not counted as personal information but are recognized as "electronically collected personal information."

Following Government Code § 11015.5., a user's name, physical description, social security number, e-mail address, home address, educational background, telephone number, details about their finances, medical history, employment record, electronic mail address, and any data revealing network location are all considered to be "electronically collected personal information."

We automatically gather your IP address and statistics about the webpages of our website that you visit, both of which are examples of "electronically collected personal information." More precise data will be gathered if you willingly engage in an action that requests specific information (for example, finishing a help request, adding items to our cart, placing a purchase, sending an e-mail, or taking a survey). The decision to abstain from such activities won't have any impact on your capacity to access any other website feature.

State laws and federal laws, such as the Information Practises Act 1977, Government Code Section 11015.5, and the Federal Privacy Act 1974, may protect any kind of personal information that is asked on the website or provided voluntarily by the user. However, if federal law or state law does not otherwise protect it, this information may become publicly accessible after you disclose it.

All data entered or gathered through the usage of this website is regarded as publicly available data.


We obtain personal information from users of some of the services we offer to those who voluntarily use those services, and that too to complete the order. We automatically gather and keep the following data about your activity on our website even if all you do is browse or download information from the website:

  • Your IP Address and your domain name;
  • The operating system and browser you used;
  • Time and date of your visit to our website;
  • Our webpages you engaged with;
  • The website you were on before ours.

The data we collect automatically helps us better the content of web services and to learn about consumer patterns concerning our services by gathering website statistics. This information is stored in our logs and does not contain any personal information that could identify a visitor.

No personal information is sold or released on this website, and all applicable legal protections continue to apply. However, this website may give or distribute some statistical analyses of regulatory data as permitted by law.


Should you elect to provide us with information, it may be sent across secure connections to our business database. Your browser will let you know if the information you've provided is safe or not. Different browsers will alert you in different ways. For more information on how your specific browser warns you of security information, please refer to the instructions for the web browser you are on. Except as required by law or as required to process your order request, any personal data will be utilized solely for its intended use and won't be disclosed to any other organization.


We will only share the information you give us with the parties that handle your order if it is necessary. Your information may be combined with the information of other customers and users to create statistical and trend analyses among other uses. As an example, we might need to keep records of information that is used in a case involving a consumer complaint. For accounting reasons, orders are typically kept in our systems for seven years.


We might collect the following additional data when you engage with our website’s features:

  • Your e-mail ID and its contents
  • Any information that was voluntarily provided in the survey.

The data collected might include video, audio, and graphic data formats you shared with us including text, and is stored according to Government Code § 11015.5.


You have the option of giving us personal information, for example in an e-mail with an answer or query. We utilize the data to better serve you or to fulfill your request. Occasionally, we share your e-mail with coworkers or affiliated third parties who might be more equipped to assist you. These staff members may work for a different organization or agency. We won’t disclose your e-mail to other organizations, and your e-mail ID is never distributed to third-party businesses for use in their spam campaigns, except for authorized law enforcement inquiries or as required by law.


We ask for details on the form we provide if you book an order. The user must include both financial (such as the card number and expiry date) and contact information (such as name and address). This data is needed to process payments and fulfill your order or request. This information serves to contact you if we experience problems processing an order.


Unless there is a legal exception, all information gathered through this site is considered a public record and is open to public access and copying. If the Public Records Act, the Information Practises Act, or another legislation controlling record disclosure conflicts with this Use Policy, the Public Records Act, the Information Practises Act, or other applicable law shall prevail.


Cookies are straightforward text files that your search engine stores on your computer. To give you a personalized experience on subsequent visits that may be required to give you a positive internet experience, certain portions of this website may employ cookies.

Every effort is made on this website not to use cookies as much while keeping an application functioning. Only if you submit "personal information" to our site via the forms will cookies created by visiting this website contain "personal information." You can use any of the common methods to reject the cookie and remove the data from your machine. However, you might not be permitted to use some functions in our web applications if you disable your cookie choice.


As the creator and manager of this browser, this platform has taken many measures, such as verification, auditing, monitoring, and encryption, to protect the confidentiality of its communications and computing infrastructure, among others. As part of its ongoing commitment to risk management, security proceedings have been incorporated into the planning, implementation, and regular procedures of every aspect of the operating environment. This data ought not to be interpreted in any manner as offering professional advice, whether legal, business-related, or otherwise, or as guaranteeing the confidentiality of any information given through this website. You should still assume that all details provided by or posted at this site are fully accessible due to the open nature of the Internet. This website and its proprietors disclaim any contrary representations and warranties.


Our website contains links to other websites we think you would find useful and that might offer services. If you click on a link for another website, you leave our website and are then exposed to the privacy statement of the destination website.

Our business is offering our website and the data it includes as a public favor. We watch over the system to guarantee correct operation, check that the relevant security elements are working, and provide similar functions. Anyone employing this system voluntarily agrees to be monitored in this way. Unsanctioned endeavors to alter any data saved on this network, to undermine or get around security measures, or to use it for anything other than what it was designed for are illegal and could lead to legal action.


This website keeps its content as accurate as possible, and any errors that you may encounter ought to be reported so that they can be fixed.

We fully disclaim duty for any errors or inconsistencies in the material of this site and make no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the completeness, accuracy, or suitability of the information.

Regarding the material posted on this website or its connections to other Internet resources, we give no warranty, whether express, implied, or statutory, which includes but is not restricted to reliability, suitability for a distinct purpose, freedom from virus infection, and non-infringement of third-party rights.

This Use Policy can change without prior notification.


Unless otherwise stated, the information provided on this website is our intellectual property, and it is illegal to duplicate any of its photos, content, or other visual components. You can get in touch with us and submit a request if you'd like to pay us for the use of any of our photographs or material.